IntActPlan / INTegrated ACTion PLAN to strengthening the outward-looking of SMEs in the border region and creating opportunities to penetrate New Markets

Acronym: IntActPlan
Project title: INTegrated ACTion PLAN to strengthening the outward-looking of SMEs in the border region and creating opportunities to penetrate New Markets
Priority axis: 1. Enhancement of cross-border economic development
Measure: 1.1 Promotion of entrepreneurship
Overall Lead Partner &
Financial Lead Partner:
Chamber of Thesprotia
Financial Lead Partner 2: Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Vlora Region
Partners: EC Business Innovation Centre of Epirus
Partner 4: -
Partner 5: -
Budget: 211.186,50 € €

IntActPlan is about how a joint route of promoting the outward-looking of SMEs & local products to international markets can support non-homogeneous areas to flourish in more than one field.

It targets SMEs of the cross-border area that wish to start or increase their export activities; it’ll benefit them by accomplishing the following objectives:- Facilitating business development & Greece - Albania cooperation.- Promoting & supporting export activities.- Creating solid cooperation structures between entrepreneurs of the same & complementary sectors (horizontal & vertical cooperation).- Supporting SMEs in enhancing knowledge, experience & know-how on foreign target markets.According to research results, SMEs consider services & programs to strengthen their capacity, enhance their competitiveness & increase their growth as necessary. Areas of their interest include E.U. & East-European countries and the cross-border Adriatic area.To address the above needs & interests, IntActPlan bases on previous Cross-border projects that have proven systemic interventions to be more effective & longer lasting compared to occasional & local ones.IntActPlan envisions the integrated approach to competitiveness and territorial cohesion via a new strategy of internationalizing SMEs of the cross-border area.The Chamber of Thesprotia, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Vlora District and BIC of Epirus will share their common vision for the cross-border region, complementary experience & their capacity to mobilize/ involve entrepreneurs & businesses to apply a joint, integrated & globally oriented framework that addresses the problems & facilitates the sustainable development of the participating areas.The following actions constitute the core of IntActPlan:* Development tools for the enhancement of the outward-looking of SMEs (Business Plan on the growth of the outward-looking of SMEs, etc.).* Targeted Business Seminars.* Specific Business Events (Business Missions, Exhibition Participations, Workshops).These activities will be supported by information & mobilization actions & events to ensure maximum possible participation of stakeholders.Main expected outputs include:- Targeted Studies of the cross-border area & Plans for the growth of the SMEs extroversion.- 1 Cross-border SMEs Database & 1 Business-Partner Search Channel.- 2 Business Seminars, 2 Info & 2 Mobilization Events.- 2 joint Business Missions & 2 Joint Exhibition Participations.- Exchange of Best Practices & Transfer of Know-How.IntAclPlan will directly contribute to the local economic growth of the eligible border area & to cross-border relations, and indirectly to social equity & development of human resources.

Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 997/ 08-03-2011
Signature date of the Overall Contract:
Signature date of the Grant Contract: 30/07/2012
Signature date of the subsidy contract:
Subsidy Code: A1.1.1.50