WWQM_AVR / Wireless Water Quality Monitoring of Arachthos and Vjosë Rivers

Acronym: WWQM_AVR
Project title: Wireless Water Quality Monitoring of Arachthos and Vjosë Rivers
Priority axis: 2. Promotion and development of the environment and natural and cultural resources
Measure: 2.1 Promotion and protection of the environmental resources of the area
Overall Lead Partner &
Financial Lead Partner:
University of Ioannina/ Research Committee
Financial Lead Partner 2: Uiversity "Ismail Qemali"
Budget: 452.768,40 € €
Description: The major goal/objective of this project is to develop a prototype in situ-wireless-river water-quality-monitoring-sensor system with a web server, based on a microcontroller or an FPGA, storing the data locally (local site) and transmitting them on demand through a WiFi point to point, p2p network to an internet endpoint - personal computer station including wireless transceiver with directional antennas, gateway between the local p2p network and the University networks (UoI, UoV), internet services, user interface etc. situated at the University lab - for analysis and long term evaluation. Each point to point connection will comprise a number of repeater nodes including antennas, access points and switches. The in situ-wireless-river water-quality-monitoring-sensor system as well as the repeater node will be self powered using solar energy. Copies of the prototype system will be installed in a number of locations in:a) Vjosë River (CB river, Aoos in Greek) starting at the Greek-Albanian border and ending near its disembogue in Adriatic Sea, with an internet endpoint at the University of Vlorë, Albania, and b) Arachthos River starting near Metsovo, Greece and ending at the Old Plaka Bridge with an internet endpoint at University of IoanninaThe target area for the Arachthos River belongs to the municipalities of Metsovo and Northern Tzoumerka, Perfecture of Ioannina, whereas for the Vjosë River belongs to the Districts of Vlorë and Gjirokaster in south Albania.The target groups of the project are the Greek and Albanian administration and politicians dealing with the environment and urban planning, the sector of tourism, agriculture, NGOs dealing with the environment etc. The project partners come from the University of Ioannina, Greece and University Vlorë, Albania, they will work together to develop and install the water quality monitoring system in both rivers thus justified the CBC. The strategic impact of the WWQM_AVR proposed project will be:• The water quality monitoring of Arachthos, Greece and Vjosë, Albania rivers• The help to the decision makers concerning the development of the areas in the two river basins.• The improvement of the management of the environment in the two river basins• The help in the development of the touristic sector in two river basins• The help in strengthening of the interrelations between the scientists of the two neighbor Universities and the technology transfer to the groups of the University of Vlorë. A side effect of this proposal is the contribution to the implementation of the 2000/60/EC European water directive by monitoring the water quality in two vicinal rivers in areas with similar relief, demonstrating the water pollution sources and the different water management policies, if exist, in order to promote the best practices in water management
Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 1056/ 10-03-11
Signature date of the Overall Contract: 25/08/2012
Signature date of the Grant Contract: 09/07/2012
Signature date of the subsidy contract:
Subsidy Code: Α.1-2.1-83