NaviTOUR / Innovative Augmented Reality m-Services for Tourists

Acronym: NaviTOUR
Project title: Innovative Augmented Reality m-Services for Tourists
Priority axis: 1. Enhancement of cross-border economic development
Measure: 1.2 Promotion of sustainable tourism
Overall Lead Partner &
Financial Lead Partner:
University of Gjirokaster
Financial Lead Partner 2: University of Ioannina/ Research Committee
Partners: Municipality of Metsovo
Partner 4: Municipality of Gjirokastra
Partner 5: -
Budget: 202.600,00 € €
Description: The aim of this project is the development of an integrated platform that will enhance the real world, as it is seen through the sensors of mobile devices (like a camera of a smart phone and a GPS receiver), with additional information in the concept of augmented reality, providing thus better services to visitors of a specific cultural site. Through this combination a tourist is capable of observing the modern view of a specific site, but through technology he/she is capable of travelling in the past and see how that particular site looked like. The virtual travel may be enhanced with the embedding of a 3D technology for better visual results. Also information about the site the tourist is looking to may also be presented. The result of this effort is to provide the tourist with the capability of accessing information , i.e. knowledge, that cannot be provided by a conventional channels, for example a printed tourist guide, or the trivial informative labels scattered around in a historical site. Apart from the historical information, the platform has the capability of supporting different augmented layers, for example accommodation capacity of the area, information about several events and activities organised in the area and so on.This platform may benefit both the local authorities, as it can be regarded as a useful tool for tourist promotion of the area and a general mean to enhance the tourist services provided, but also the local SMEs as this platform may become an alternative communication channel with potential customers, promoting thus the services/products offered, in a way that is more efficient, as the content provided could be updated real-time and visitors have access to updated data instantaniously and also be available to the visitors whenever the latter demand it.Considering the technology improvement and the penetration of that particular type of technology, it is obvious that a direct benefit for the area where this system will be implemented is the improvement of the quality of touristic services provided. Also the possibility of better guide services, may lead to an increase of the tourist traffic of that particular area.
Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 1394/ 29-03-2011
Signature date of the Overall Contract: 20/06/2012
Signature date of the Grant Contract: 19/03/2012
Signature date of the subsidy contract:
Subsidy Code: A1.1.2.139