ITENEDNET / Information Technology based Nursing Education Network

Project title: Information Technology based Nursing Education Network
Priority axis: 1. Enhancement of cross-border economic development
Measure: 1.3 Enable people to people actions
Overall Lead Partner &
Financial Lead Partner:
University of Ioannina/ Research Committee
Financial Lead Partner 2: University "Fan S. Noli"
Partner 4: -
Partner 5: -
Budget: 322.295,00 € €
Description: ITENEDNET intends to set up a permanent training mechanism in Southern Albania in order to proactively counter and, in some cases, redress the employment inequalities that will be caused by the introduction of Information Technology (IT) in the medical services market. It will also establish a life-long education and skills enhancement programme which will help nurses keep up with state-of-the-art developments in their field. This will be achieved by: (1) Providing an Internet based, virtual classroom, that will consist of a 52 hour training course in Medical Informatics, for 100 nurses. (2) Creating an advisory service for those members of the healthcare establishment (e.g., private practitioners and diagnostic centers) that want to smoothly introduce IT and Medical Informatics into their corporate culture. (3) Sensitizing the Albanian nurses and their employers to the issues mentioned. (4) Creating a new culture regarding vocational training and knowledge updating within the Albanian health services market. ITENEDNET aspires to create a critical mass of skill that will promote the introduction of Medical Informatics in AlbaniaThe ITENEDNET network covers the south of Albania based in Korca. It also covers Epirus in Greece which also faces serious problems as far as IT skills of the hospital nursing personnel is concerned. The ITENEDNET immediate impact, therefore, will be to create a critical mass of trained personnel that will facilitate the successful introduction of IT in the area hospitals and result in a quantum leap in the local provision of medical services. The ITENEDNET target group / beneficiaries is the nursing profession and its goal is to:1. Upgrade their hospital IT skills,2. To preserve their employability, in the face of the changing nature of the nursing profession 3. To combat discrimination on the basis of gender and educational background and4. To introduce the necessary changes in hospital corporate culture so that the introduction of IT in the Albanian (and the Greek) medical establishment occurs with the absolutely minimum possible disruption.
Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 981/ 08-03-2011
Signature date of the Overall Contract: 03/07/2012
Signature date of the Grant Contract: 19/03/2012
Signature date of the subsidy contract:
Subsidy Code: A1.1.3.66