Telecardiology / Tele-Cardiology in the Greek-Albania Borderline

Acronym: Telecardiology
Project title: Tele-Cardiology in the Greek-Albania Borderline
Priority axis: 1. Enhancement of cross-border economic development
Measure: 1.3 Enable people to people actions
Overall Lead Partner &
Financial Lead Partner:
University of Ioannina/ Research Committee
Financial Lead Partner 2: Regional Hospital “Omer Nishani” of Gjirokaster
Partners: General Hospital "G. Hatzikosta" of Ioannina
Partner 4: -
Partner 5: -
Budget: 269.100,00 € €
Description: According to the Programme description
Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 1041/ 10-03-2011
Signature date of the Overall Contract: 21/08/2012
Signature date of the Grant Contract: 13/07/2012
Signature date of the subsidy contract:
Subsidy Code: A1.1.3.89