CommRoots / Strengthening our Common Roots through Cultural Cooperation

Acronym: CommRoots
Project title: Strengthening our Common Roots through Cultural Cooperation
Priority axis: 2. Promotion and development of the environment and natural and cultural resources
Measure: 2.2 Promotion and protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the area
Overall Lead Partner &
Financial Lead Partner:
Financial Lead Partner 2: Association “Research and Action Centre for Mountainous Convocation”
Budget: 361.109,30 € €
Description: The overall project goal is to Enhance Cultural and Social Interaction and Cooperation between our people who live in their common roots. The specific project objectives are: (i) increase our peoples' awareness in both areas about their common roots embodied in their cultural background; (ii) promote cross border cooperation between cultural institutions and organizations; (iii) create solid premises for a sustainable and a long lasting partnership between public and non-public cultural organizations and their communities in both sides of the border.
Project details:
Call No: 1st
Protocol No: 1339/ 28-03-11
Signature date of the Overall Contract: 20/08/2012
Signature date of the Grant Contract: 19/03/2012
Signature date of the subsidy contract:
Subsidy Code: A.1-2.2-143