Basic information on the Programme

IPA Cross-border Programme “Greece-Albania 2007-2013”

The IPA Cross-border Programme “Greece-Albania 2007-2013” was approved by the European Commission on 05/09/2008 by Decision C(2008)4708/05-09-2008.  

The total budget of the Programme is 27,825,759 € (15,088,783 € + 12,736,976 €). For Greece the budget is 15,088,783 € (the total financing consists of 11,316,585 € - 75% EU funding – ERDF and 3,772,198 € - 25% national contribution. For the same actions in Albania the total budget is 12,736,976 €. The total financing consists of 10.826.430 € - 85% EU funding - IPA and 1.910.546 € - 15% national contribution.

Eligible area
The eligible area of the Programme consists of the Region of Epirus (Prefectures of Ioannina and Thesprotia), the Region of Western Macedonia (Prefectures of Florina, Kastoria and Grevena) and the Region of Ionian Islands (Prefecture of Kerkira) in Greece and the Districts of Gjirokaster, Korçë and Vlorë in Albania. The Prefecture of Grevena has been included as adjacent area.

Global Objective – Strategic objectives
Τhe global objective of the “Greece-Albania” IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013 is “to increase the standard of living of the population by promoting sustainable local development in the cross-border area”.

This global objective will be achieved through the following strategic priorities:

  • Strategic Objective 1: Enhancement of cross-border economic development
  • Strategic Objective 2: Promotion and development of the environment and natural and cultural resources

Priority Axes
These two Strategic Priorities are defined in the relevant Priority Axes, with more Measures for each one of them that are the following:

Priority Axis 1: “Enhancement of cross-border economic development”

  • Measure 1.1: Promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Measure 1.2: Promotion of sustainable tourism
  • Measure 1.3: Enable people to people actions
  • Measure 1.4: Facilitation of border accessibility through small scale infrastructure

Priority Axis 2: “Promotion and development of the environment and natural and cultural resources”

  • Measure 2.1: Promotion and protection of the environmental resources of the area
  • Measure 2.2: Promotion and protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the area

Priority Axis 3: “Technical Assistance”

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