Balkan Centre for Cooperation and Development


Kajo KARAFILI, no 26 (8)


The Balkan Center for Cooperation and Development (BCCD) is registered as a non for profit organization in the court of Tirana, Albania in November 2012 and enjoys a mother-daughter relationship with Center for International Cooperation and Development – CMSR, Slovenia . BCCD is the implementing partner of Slovenian development aid in Albania and a promoter of Slovenian businesses, experience and knowledge.

CMSR is implementing a part of the bilateral official development assistance of the Republic of Slovenia. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia assigned a public authorisation to the CMSR for implementing a part of the technical and operational portion of international development cooperation, in accordance with the International Development Cooperation of the Republic of Slovenia Act.

The CMSR is implementing the Republic of Slovenia’s bilateral development assistance in accordance with the “The Centre for International Cooperation and Development manual for the implementation of Official Development Assistance”

BCCD, Tirana, Albania: is created to catalyse rural development and employment in Albania, Kosovo and in the Balkan countries in collaboration with and supported by CMSR/CICD Slovenia. Seeks ways to lever new investments in the fields of rural development, renewable energy and water and waste management. Active in bringing together stakeholders in ways that ensure self-sustainability and encourages institutional development.


CMSR offers official development assistance (ODA) to development countries on the basis of public authorization for the implementation of a part of the technical and operational portion of the Slovenian international development cooperation.

The CMSR has 30 years of experience in implementing international development assistance and has a long-established trademark; it meets the legal criteria and is qualified for implementing the technical and operational parts of international development cooperation implementing OECD standards.