Chamber of Thesprotia


Agion Apostolon 55


The Chamber of Thesprotia founded in 1989 and now has power over 3,000 members.

It is the link between the State and the productive classes trying to convey the demands of the productive classes to the current government and vice versa.

It is essentially the statutory adviser to the State by making constructive proposals on the problems of the department, to local authorities and ministries.

It is an ally of local firms by inducing continuous and specialized information for the development, providing range of social activities focusing on human-operator, claiming solutions to the just demands on the environment of local business activity.

The objective of the Chamber is to promote and enhance local products, the development of local businesses and by extension the welfare of the prefecture of Thesprotia.

To meet this common goal is necessary to help its members, through close, regular and constructive communication with the Board.