Management Agency of Northern Pindos National Park


Aspraggeloi Municipality of Zagori


The MANAGEMENT AGENCY OF NORTHERN PINDOS NATIONAL PARK was established in 2002 in order to protect, manage and promote the protected area of the Northern Pindos National Park.

It is a private law legal entity, overseen by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and run by an Administrative Board eleven members.

In order to manage and preserve the rare ecosystems and flora and fauna species of the National Park, the Management Agency develops collaborations with all the bodies in charge of the National Park area (forestry department, other relevant public authorities , Universities etc) and provides consultation on projects that are planned within the protected area. The Agency has designed and implemented Scientific Monitoring Programs in order to monitor the conservation status of habitat types and species of flora and fauna.

Furthermore, it aims at the promotion of the protected area through the operation of five Information Centers, the creation of printed and electronic material explaining the significant ecological, geological, historical – cultural characteristics of the National Park and the organization of events such as workshops, exhibitions, volunteer programs, hiking, children’s workshops etc.

In addition, in order to inform and collaborate with the local community while trying to find potential for the sustainable development of the region, the Management Agency organizes meetings with local population groups such as tourist entrepreneurs, livestock breeders and farmers active in the protected area. The Agency, aiming at the harmonious coexistence of man with species of wildlife (large carnivores), donates Greek shepherd puppies to stockbreeders and grants, free of charge, electric fences to farmers and beekeepers of the area, for certain time periods.

It is also worth mentioning that the Park Management Agency implements awareness-raising actions for students and other focus groups, implementing specific Environmental Awareness Programs and Environmental Interpretation Tours, centered on topics such as the protected flora and fauna species, the geology, the Park’s settlements, stone bridges, traditional professions, etc.