Municipality of Igoumenitsa


3 Souliou Str.


The Municipality of Igoumenitsa is located on the coast of Epirus and is the largest municipality of the Prefecture Thesprotia. It was established in 2011 (Kallikratis Program, 87 Aug-07.06.2010) following the merger of the former municipalities of Igoumenitsa, Margariti, Parapotamos, Sivota and Perdika Community and has a population of 25,814 (2011 census). It borders with the Municipalities of Filiates and the Municipalities of Souli, with which it forms the RU.

The Municipality of Igoumenitsa, whose population has grown by 17.4% over the last decade (Greek Statistical Authority), is emerging as a western gateway to the country and a center of interregional and transnational development. The construction of the New Port today occupying the second position between the ports of the Greek Territory in passenger traffic and the construction of the Egnatia Motorway, the road linking the Municipality of Igoumenitsa with Ioannina, but also with Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis has brought an end to the isolation of the region.

It is worth noting that in the Municipality of Igoumenitsa there is a branch of TEI. Epirus is home to the School of Management & Economics with a department (Business Administration) and an archaeological museum with exhibits from the Historical Times to the Byzantines.