University of Thessaly – Research Committee


Argonafton & Filellinon




The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1993 and then joined the School of Engineering of the University of Thessaly. The main building of the Department is a part of the former factory Papariga at Pedion Areos, city of Volos. The factory facilities were converted into classrooms, offices and laboratories.

The first academic year for the Department was 1994 – 1995, and in August 1994 opened the first tenured positions and Research Department of Personnel. Currently, 23 elected Professors / Lecturers serve the Department assisted by Researchers and Adjunct Professors to fulfil both the undergraduate and postgraduate the educational work.


The objectives of the Department are mainly the following:

  • To provide high quality education in the Science of Civil Engineering and form the students with the necessary skills fro their future professional activities.
  • To ensure that students are given high quality training on a wide range of topics in Civil Engineering, qualifying them with the necessary skills for employment in related fields of specialization in the public and private sector.
  • To promote international cooperation on research issues as well as students / faculty members mobility.
  • To perform basic and applied cutting-edge research in the science of Civil Engineering.
  • To develop collaboration with similar departments in Greece and abroad.

The above targets should be fulfilled within the framework of scientific knowledge and technology of production and dissemination, as well as the development of innovative research directions based on a high quality curriculum with international standards. Moreover, the Department aims to cultivate a sense of social awareness and noble scientific rivalry in all its members, based on the democratic values, the freedom of ideas and the freedom of expression.