FIRE-PREP: Common training session of Greek and Albania firefighters at Ioannina.


Within the FIRE-PREP project, 20 Greek and 25 Albanian firefighters participated in the training that took place from 28 March until 1 April at the facilities of the 3rd Fire Brigade (City of Ioannina) and 5th Special Unit of Hellenic Fire Corps.

The Albanian firefighters represented the municipalities and cities of Berat, Selenice, Gjirokastër, Vlorë, Sarandë, Korçë, Pogradec, Bilisht and Këlcyrë.

The Greek firefighters represented the cities and regions of Epirus, Florina, Arta, Lefkada and Thesprotia. The whole training program, as the deliverable 5.2.3 of the WP5 of the project, was organised by the Department of European Programmess of the Hellenic Fire Corps (PB2).

Τhe educational modules of the program contained forest fires, road accidents rescues, earthquakes and floods, featuring both theoretical and practical aspects. The trainers were Hellenic Fire Corps officers with forestry engineering and climbing qualifications. Τhe trainees showed special zeal and interest during the training by participating with questions and discussions on the relevant training topics.


The event was broadcast on social media of the Hellenic Fire Corps, whose Deputy Chief welcomed the trainees and wished them a good training session.

More details can be found at the social media account of the Hellenic Fire Brigade: