GOAL nZEBs Platform


The 4th tool of the GOAL nZEBs platform labelled “Planning” has been successfully completed in both of Greek and English version ( more details at https://www.ourgoal.eu/el/categories/124-designing )

Its new module provides useful information about 29 project cases from the cross-border region.

The chosen buildings are potential demonstration specimens of nZEB related technologies for the implementation of the European and national energy efficiency directives and a showcase of the exemplary role of the public sector.

This new module aims at the assessment of the building potential of the cross-border area and decision making support for new similar investments in the cross-border region.

In particular, the new module includes the functionalities: “Building Cases – Summary” and “Building Cases – In Depth”.

  1. Building Cases – Summary: Provides summary tables of building typologies in Greece and Albania.
  2. Building Cases – In Depth: Provides descriptions of the 29 real project cases in Greece and areas of Albania.

The use of these data will support the development of energy renovation projects and the mobilisation of local actors in achieving the nZEBs goals.

The hyper-platform www.ourgoal.eu  that has been created contributes to the real support of the cross-border cooperation between Greece and Albania for RES and energy savings technologies.

The platform will continue to operate and strengthen the possibilities for the cross-border cooperation between Greece and Albania, contributing to the building infrastructure in the nZEBs sense and to enhance the potential for energy communities.

The nZEBs team is committed to continue the support of the further capitalisation of the results of the GOAL nZEBs Project in the best possible way.