GREENPOINT MOB: Recycling Day in Prespes Municipality


The Municipality of Prespes will organise a Recycling Day on the 28/11/2019 on the yard of the Municipality building.

This event will initiate the update of the recycling and composting procedures of the Prespes villages.

In the framework of the GreenPoint Mob project (funded by our Programme), the new recycling bins will be presented. With the exploitation of the project funds, the Municipalitywill be able to develop an integrated network for recycling in the villages of the Prespes area, by providing more bins and covering all the communities of the Municipality.

At the same time, the new mobile greenpoint, purchased by DIADYMA S.A., will be also presented and it will cover apart from the 4 basic recycling material (paper, aluminium, glass, plastic), also the following categories:

  • Clothes, fabric, shoes
  • small electric devices
  • Used lamps
  • Batteries
  • Fried oil
  • Dangerous domestic waste

Additional presentations and speeches will take place, concerning the local recycling plans.