Let the stars shine! Engaging Citizens in the EU


If you want to tell your story, sign up for the election of the best projects of the EU. This gives you the opportunity to present your ideas at an exhibition in the European Parliament in early 2018. This action focuses on ‘stars‘ in the field of biobased products, but there is also the possibility to sign up under the category ‘other initiatives‘.

The rules are simple:

  • State whether you participate as a person, association, organization or company;
  • Enter the name of a contact and his / her contact details;
  • You can submit one or more ideas;
  • Please indicate for which category you submit your proposal: “Biobased products” or “Other”;
  • Tell your story about the importance of Europe for the future of your project or initiative. This can be in words, in images (photos, movies) or a combination of them.
  • Send in your proposals via lambert.vannistelrooij@ep.europa.eu

‘Let the stars shine’ is a common initiative of nine Members of the European Parliament (MEP) (from Bulgaria; Belgium; Croatia; France; Germany; the Netherlands; Poland; Romania; and Slovenia) designed to highlight the added value of the EU and the results of its policies, including Cohesion Policy. As stated in the booklet (p. 48), you can participate as a private citizen, as an association or a company, even if you are not a citizen from one of the countries of the nine MEPs.

For more information please read the booklet!