Three (3) Projects implemented during the previous programming period have made it to the REGIOSTARS awards!

Please vote for them to make it to the finalists!

For the projects GREENBOAT AND G.A.B.E.

Category 2 – Connecting green, blue and grey

For the project TELECARDIOLOGY

Category 5 – Modernising health services

You may vote for more than one projects in each category!!


Some information on REGIOSTARS

Every year, the European Commission awards those EU-funded projects, which demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development. With the goal of inspiring other regions and project managers across Europe, participating projects are in the spotlight of communication activities at European level.

Thematic focus

The REGIOSTARS are awarded to projects in five thematic categories (smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, urban development and a topic of the year).

In 2019, the REGIOSTARS are focussed on five areas that are crucial for the future of EU regional policy:

  • promoting digital transformation;
  • connecting the green, blue and grey;
  • combatting inequalities and poverty;
  • building climate-resilient cities;
  • modernising health services.

High-level academics will assess the submitted project applications and crown the winners.

In addition, the public will decide on its own winner through a public on-line vote and award the Public choice award to one of the projects.

For more information on the award categories and application procedure please follow the link.