Cross-border cooperation for energy efficiency using solar energy – Solis

Priority axis

1 - Promotion of the environment, sustainable transport and public infrastructure

Specific objective

1.3 Increase energy-efficiency and the use of RES




24 months

SOLIS constitutes a common effort between the Municipalities of Preveza and Finiq and the University of Ioannina – Special Account for Research Funds – Dept. of Early Childhood Education, with the support of the Dept. of Computer Sciences ΚΑΙamp; Engineering. The project aspires to showcase the importance of local actions towards RES utilization, enhancement of Energy Efficiency, Technology Transfer capacity assessment, and promotion of Energy Responsible Lifestyles. The CB area faces potentially severe impacts due to climate change on the natural and manmade environment, while on the other hand has the opportunity of an important RES capacity. While these issues are to some extent taken into account on a national level, local and regional interventions are in many cases overlooked. Nevertheless, integrated energy planning in the later levels can be an important tool to address the above mentioned challenges and valorize the opportunities. SOLIS, being output oriented, shall make the case for such planning by pilot RES and energy efficiency investments. Moreover, SOLIS will promote maturity for technology transfer, and actively engage the population in changing lifestyles through a well-designed bundle of energy awareness actions. These pilot investments, studies and awareness actions will showcase the relevance and importance of integrated energy interventions and will accelerate the process of a transition to a low carbon economy. The main project activities include: 1-PV Cells and energy efficiency investments in Louros (Preveza) and Aliko (Finiq) that will work as examples of interventions replicable by other authorities in the CB area, 2-Technology Transfer Studies for Zero Net Emissions and (near) Zero Emissions Buildings to assess the capacity and feasibility of such interventions in the context of the CB area ΚΑΙamp; 3-A bundle of actions to promote Energy Responsible Lifestyles and in particular (a) a localized energy efficiency educational toolkit, (b) training workshops to educators (c) an engaging gamification platform for the general public (d) a print ΚΑΙamp; play board game for ages +9 – 99

Lead beneficiary

Municipality of Preveza

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