Local Clusters & Social Enterprises Incubators in the Fields of Culture/Tourism & Folk Tradition

Priority axis

2 - Boosting the local economy

Specific objective

2.2 Improve cross-border capacity to support entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness




24 months

Greece and Albania due to the lasting recession, have to face an ever expanding crisis and a very hesitant financial environment. In these hostile conditions culture and creation could constitute a real opportunity for a new generation of art and culture producers to make their appearance in the business world.

Most important factor will be to bring out existing businesses and the creation of new ones, using the dynamic offered in the field. Art and culture producers have to closely cooperate so as to capitalize on the inherent value of a well-functioning team.

he project, aims at the exploitation of local advantages and in promoting the exports of local cultural products, with ultimate goal the increase of national and foreign visitors to local events, and the enhancement in quality of life for the citizens. This process also creates new investment and job opportunities as a result of the economies of scale that will emerge.

The project’s outputs focus on the promotion and creation of businesses in: organization of artistic events, management of multi-usage spaces, organization of exhibitions, festivals, and artistic services, cultural tourism etc.

The basic structures of the initiative are the cultural clusters that will add value at the economy of culture and the creative industries, and the incubators/co-working spaces that will support existing and under-development social enterprises. These entities will stand on a solid theoretical background, developed through the “research and analysis” stage. The transnational network will ensure economies of scale and the capitalization of partners’ know-how and experiences. The coexistence of clusters and incubators in the field in each region will directly increase cross border capacity to support entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness.

Moreover the Cross-Border approach is a necessity, since the strengthening of social cohesion and transnational cooperation ultimately supports entrepreneurship and economic development.

The project will be an innovative undertaking for the region, since no clustering or other drastic networking initiative has ever taken place in the culture, tourism and folk tradition in a region that has started to be full of artistic and cultural activities.

Demonstrating the common cultural characteristics and traditions of the two nations can have a massive positive result in social impact for the neighboring regions. The promotion of new types of art and culture that use new low cost technologies will be among the innovative propositions of the project.

The project will also promote EU legislation, best practices from previous European initiatives, free moving of people and will focus on cross-border threats in order to reduce risks and mitigate their consequences.

The actions also reflect broader European relevance and significance, with a view to presenting models and mechanisms which can be applied not only regionally or nationally but also EU widely.

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