Mobility on the Ionian Coast

Priority axis

1 - Promotion of the environment, sustainable transport and public infrastructure

Specific objective

1.1 Increase the capacity of CB infrastructure in transport, water & waste management





With respect to the sector of transport infrastructure the GR/AL cross border area is being challenged by:

– the low quality and density of infrastructure

the low accessibility especially in inner smaller regions and – the bad connection of the road networks between GR and AL

– In addition, the absence of appropriate designs for the “Egnatia Motorway Vertical Axis: Igoumenitsa-Sagiada-Mavromati GR/AL Borders including the Igoumenitsa bypass” is one more backbone to the further development of the cross border transport infrastructure.

In parallel, the insufficient infrastructural conditions at the Border Crossing Point (BCP) of “Qafe-Bota” cannot provide effective management border control (customs, traffic, etc.).

The main objective of the project is to improve the connectivity and accessibility among the road transport networks of South Albania and Northern Greece through the completion of the cross border road axis Igoumenitsa – Sagiada – Mavromati – Saranda. This axis is particularly important since it connects the road network of Greece, through the Egnatia Motorway and Ionia Odos (TEN-T axes), with the system of road axes in the southern regions of Albania and the Western Balkans, through the links to the Pan-European Axis VIII.

Therefore the main activities – outputs of the project will be:

– The completion of the designs for the “Egnatia Motorway Vertical Axis: Igoumenitsa-Sagiada-Mavromati GR/AL Borders” including the “Igoumenitsa Bypass” in the Greek territory

– The construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the current BCP of “Qafe-Bota” in the Albanian territory

The main beneficiaries will be:

– The local and cross-border population since it will enhance and improve the safe mobility of people and goods with more effective border customs and controls

– The agencies of the improved and new infrastructure of the BCP “Qafe-Sarande”: the Border Police, the Albanian Customs Service and the National Food and Sanitary Service Last but not least, the project will generate added-value by utilizing previous investments in the road section Mavromati to Saranda in Albanian territory funded by the HiPERB (Hellenic Plan for the Economic Reconstruction of the Balkans).

Moreover, it will – Improve the connectivity and accessibility in the Crossborder area Greece-Albania – Contribute to the connection of the TEN-Ts with the Paneuropean Corridors, especially those that pass through Western Balkans and South East Europe – Enhance multimodal transport through facilitating the interconnection of the ports of Igoumenitsa, Saranda, Vlore and the airports of Ioannina, Kastoria and Tirana.

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