Promotion of waste prevention and recycling at the cross-border area

Priority axis

1 - Promotion of the environment, sustainable transport and public infrastructure

Specific objective

1.1 Increase the capacity of CB infrastructure in transport, water & waste management




24 months

Appropriate Waste Management remains an issue in the CBC GR-AL area. Many steps have been done towards an Integrated Waste Management but lots need still to be done. According the report of the European Environmental Agency named:”Municipal Waste Management”, in Albania, it is urgently required the establishment of a separate collection system for municipal solid waste (MSW) and currently the development of new regional landfills has been started, which are in compliance with the EU environmental and sanitary standards. On the Greek side,DIADYMA,the LB,the last decade,operates the Integrated Waste Management System(IWMS), a network of 10 local waste management units/transfer stations, a sanitary landfill, a recycling center and a MBT plant under construction.

The overall objective of LESS-WASTE-II is waste prevention through promotion of recycling/ composting practices by joint development and implementation of demonstration actions in the project partner areas.

Project’s strategy is to combine centralized management of bio-wastes, to achieve 2020 targets for less landfilling. Cooperation with municipalities is crucial, due to their responsibility in waste collection.

The project targets:

  • to improve significant the waste management capacities in the targeting areas, especially in composting and recycling sectors.
  • Improve significantly the containers capacities for composting/recycling either in neighborhood level or in houses (Waste separation-at-source) improve the overall capacity at 30%.

Main outputs of the project are:

  • Training activities and Local Publicity events for raise awareness;
  • Conduction of current study analysis of Waste Management that lead to the Development of 3 Waste Management Scenarios and the development of a complete Waste Prevention Strategy in the CBC area.
  • Supply of the necessary equipment will take place as well as the material for set-up a complete composting unit.
  • GIS system will be set to monitor the improvement of the composting levels.

Beneficiaries are the local municipalities who are participated to LESS WASTE II project actively.

The project follows a common approach in planning and implementing the project and the CBC cooperation is crucial for the transfer of know-how in Waste Management and the prevention of landfilling. The original part of the project is the integrated approach followed by initiating collection-at-source to composting and recycling following a holistic approach.

The project results provide direct added value to the Programme Area as it promotes activities that concern the sustainable management of waste, which contribute to: the conservation and protection of the natural environment, the improvement of the quality of life and the sustainable development of the area in general.

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