Regulatory framework

Regulatory Framework

In this section you can find the Rules, Regulations and Laws that are related to the Programme and Project Implementation.

EU Legislation

2462/2015 Financial Rules applicable to the general budget of the Union

207/2015 Implementing Regulation (Reporting)

1011/2014 Implementing Regulation (Exchange of information between beneficiaries and Programme authorities)

481/2014 Eligibility of Expenditures

447/2014 Implementing Regulation – Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance

236/2014 Common Rules and Procedures for the Implementation of the Union’s Instruments for financing External Actions

231/2014 Establishing an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance

215/2014 Methodologies for Climate Change Support, Determination of Milestones and Targets in the Performance Framework and the Nomenclature of Categories for Intervention for the European Structural and Investment Funds

1315/2013 Union Guidelines for the Development of the trans-European Transport Network

1303/2013 Common and General Provisions

1302/2013 Clarification, Simplification and Improvement of the Establishment and Functioning of EGTC groupings

1301/2013 European Development Fund and Specific Provisions concerning the Investment for Growth and Jobs Goal

1300/2013 Annulment of Regulation 1084/2006

1299/2013 Specific Provisions for the Support from ERDF to the European Territorial Cooperation goal

1268/2012 Rules of Application of Regulation 966/2012

966/2012 Financial Rules Applicable to the General Budget of the Union

Greek legislation

Ministerial Decision (ΥΠΑΣΥΔ)





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