What is Interreg Greece-Albania

Eligible Area

The eligible cross-border area spreads from the Ionia Sea to the Prespa Lakes.

EL53 – Western Macedonia
EL531 – Grevena, Kozani
EL532 – Kastoria
EL533 – Florina
EL54 – Epirus
EL541 – Arta, Preveza
EL542 – Thesprotia
EL543 – Ioannina
EL62 – Ionian Islands
EL621 – Zakynthos
EL622 – Corfu
EL623 – Ithaca, Cephalonia
EL624 – Lefkada

AL03 – Jug
AL031 – Berat
AL032 – Fier
AL033 – Gjirokastër
AL034 – Korcë
AL035 – Vlorë

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of common area
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of common borderline
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Priorities & Specific Objectives


A greener and more resilient Greece-Albania cross-border region.

RSO2.6. Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy

RSO2.7. Enhancing protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution.

RSO2.4. Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, resilience taking into account ecosystem-based approaches.

RSO2.5. Promoting access to water and sustainable water management


A more accessible Greece-Albania cross-border region.

RSO3.2. Developing and enhancing sustainable, climate resilient, intelligent and intermodal national, regional and local mobility, including improved access to TEN-T and cross-border mobility


An economically and socially sustainable Greece-Albania cross-border region.

RSO4.5. Ensuring equal access to health care and fostering resilience of health systems, including primary care, and promoting the transition from institutional to family- and community-based care

RSO4.6. Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation

Management Structure


Greek Voting Members

Chairman or co-Chairman of the JMC

Georgios Zervos

Special Secretary for ERDF & CF Funded Sectoral OPs Ministry of Development & Investments

Head of the National Coordination Authority for the Implementation of the Operational Programmes Ministry of Development & Investments

Nadia Elpis Samouelian

Executive Unit B of Special Service for the Coordination of Planning, Evaluation and Implementation

Region of Ipiros

Alexandros Kachrimanis

Regional Governor

Region of Ionian Islands

Konstantinos Kapodistrias

Vice Regional Governor

Region of Western Macedonia

Kassapidis Giorgos

Regional Governor

Union of Regions of Greece (ENPE)

Alexandros Kachrimanis

B’ Vice President of ENPE Regional Governor of Epirus

Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE)

Ioannis Lolos

Mayor of Igoumenitsa

Economic and Social Council (OKE)

Emmanouil Peponis

Executive Committee member

National Confederation of Disabled People

Vardakastanis Ioannis


Albanian Voting Members

State Agency of Strategic Programming and Aid Coordination (SASPAC)

Kjara Adhami

State Agency of Strategic Programming and Aid Coordination (SASPAC)

Arjan Polena

Deputy Prime Minister’s Office

Florenca Korbi

Agency for Energy Efficiency

Ani Hasa

Agency for the Support of Local Self-government

Stiljan Llavanditi

National Agency for Protected Areas

Daniel Pirushi

National Agency of Environment

Neritan Postoli

County Council of Korca

Ana Verushi

County Council of Fier

Anxhela Qendro


Managing Authority INTERREG 2021-2027 / Ministry of  Development & Investments

Ms Nezeriti Maria



Ministry of Development and Investments / Special Secretariat for the ERDF & CF programmes 

Mr Zervos Georgios


State Agency for Strategic Programming and Assistance Coordination (SASPAC)

Mr Ilir Beqaj


Financial Control  Committee (EDEL) / Ministry of  Finance – General Accounting Office of the  State, Greece

Ms Tourkolia Athinais


Financial Control  Committee (EDEL) / Ministry of  Finance – General Accounting Office of the  State, Greece

Ms Tourkolia Athinais


Special Service Certifying and Verifying Authority of co-financed Programmes / Ministry of Development and Investments

Ms Alesta Vassiliki

Contacts List

George Papadopoulos


+30 2310 469685


Katerina Tsamouri

Project Officer

+30 2310 469683


Victoria Stergiou

Project Officer

+30 2310 469682


Chrysa Kallitsari

Project Officer

+30 2310 469681


Popi Evgenidou

Financial Officer

+30 2310 469686


Ioannis Almpanoudis

Communication and Technical Assistance Officer

+30 2310 469684



Regulatory Framework

Greek legislation

Albanian legislation

Programme’s Financial Data


Programme’s Indicators

This page presents the common indicators used in the programme under the relevant ESI Fund(s).

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